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Health & Wellbeing

  • Body Confidence & Being A Single Parent

    Body Confidence & Being A Single Parent

    Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in is so important, and we’re partnering up with the social enterprise Nutriri to promote self-love as a single parent. Our bodies will change We all have grief… Read more

  • Making New Friends

    Making New Friends

    Making new friends can seem a daunting prospect at first and also it can take time, but if you see it as a 'campaign' then you have every chance of getting the results you… Read more

  • Overcoming Grief & Trauma

    Overcoming Grief & Trauma

    After experiencing a traumatic event there are 10 stages that we need to pass through to rebuild our strength and regain control of our lives again. Traumatic events can include: A violent outburst from… Read more

  • Coping with Stress and Anxiety

    Coping with Stress and Anxiety

    Single parents often feel stressed and anxious as there is a lot of pressure to meet the demands of day to day life, however it is possible to reduce, cope and sometimes prevent the… Read more

  • Books for You

    Books for You

    Welcome to our Book List for You (in no particular order), to help you work through your divorce or separation and supporting your children, then rebuilding your life! There are links to where you… Read more

  • Moving On

    Moving On

    After our relationship has ended we can go through all sorts of emotions, however we will recognise that we are moving on when... We no longer spend every hour of every day pondering, questioning,… Read more

  • How to Stay Active & Healthy on a Budget

    How to Stay Active & Healthy on a Budget

    We all know that exercise and staying active will almost certainly improve our mood and is one of the main tools we can use to combat depression. We can even manage to discipline ourselves… Read more

  • Feeling Depressed

    Feeling Depressed

    Being a single parent is not depressing, however living on a low income and coping with difficult things that are happening to you on your own can make you feel depressed; even more so… Read more

  • Self Esteem

    Self Esteem

    When a relationship has ended and we find ourselves parenting alone, our confidence can get knocked and our self esteem becomes lower. Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves. If we believe we… Read more

  • No Image

    Improving Self Confidence

    Self confidence, or lack of it, can really affect our lives. It can mean the difference between doing, and not doing, anything! How you feel about yourself will affect how other people feel about you:… Read more

  • What stresses Single Parents out the Most? Results of our Poll

    What stresses Single Parents out the Most? Results of our Poll

    During National Stress Awareness Day last year, One Space ran an online poll to find out what stresses single parents out the most.  Here's your top three along with links to some great tips… Read more

  • How to say 'No' and be Heard!

    How to say 'No' and be Heard!

    It is not always easy saying No to people, even the most assertive people find it hard. Maybe in the past people haven't listened to you? However now is the time to take control… Read more

  • Meditation can Benefit your Life

    Meditation can Benefit your Life

    Do you want to stop feeling anxious? Do you want to stop feelings of sadness, numbness, desolation and despair? Do you want to stop worrying about everything? Do you want to sleep peacefully at night? Do you want… Read more

  • How to Relax and be Peaceful

    How to Relax and be Peaceful

    Modern life is stressful and while some people work better under a small amount of stress, living in a state of constant stress can lead to serious medical conditions. According to the Mental Health… Read more

  • Basic Assertiveness Rights

    Basic Assertiveness Rights

    Everybody has Basic Rights to Assertiveness such as the right to be heard. These rights are part of our free Everyday Assertiveness online course. Basic Assertiveness Rights I have the right to say what… Read more

  • Drug and Alcohol Use in the Family

    Drug and Alcohol Use in the Family

    People who are misusing substances such as drugs and alcohol, need support from self-help groups and professionals. But it is increasingly recognised that when the members of a drug and alcohol user's family also… Read more