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Meditation can Benefit your Life

Meditation can Benefit your Life

Do you want to stop feeling anxious? 
Do you want to stop feelings of sadness, numbness, desolation and despair? 
Do you want to stop worrying about everything? 
Do you want to sleep peacefully at night? 
Do you want to stop battling with your weight? 

Well now you can take control!

Every day we have millions of thoughts running through our minds and if you are coping with separation or divorce, managing finances and now parenting your children on your own, you will be either be constantly trying to be one step ahead of yourself; preparing for the next activity to take place; picking up the children from school, what to cook for the evening meal, stopping siblings squabbling etc or just flat on the floor feeling unable to cope.

It’s a familiar situation for single parents across the country. You are a mum or dad on your own and there isn’t anybody else to share the thoughts, decisions and worries that you have to deal with every day. There are often stressful problems that will make a big difference to your life and to your children’s’ future.

Just coping with the emotional aspects of separation, the school run, menu planning and keeping your house together is hard enough, but then include being taken to Court for access, violent ex partners, moving house, lack of money, the benefits system it is no wonder that our brains are beginning to feel a bit frazzled and overworked.

Help is at hand! Meditation!

Did you know that meditation has been scientifically proven to help you de-stress, get more sleep, gain more self-control and worry less. It is a 100% natural, side effect free solution to a stressful life.

Meditation can change your experience of life for the better. It can help you feel more energetic, yet peaceful inside, better able to deal with problems and get on with others.

Easy way to get started

Headspace offers simple, easy-to-learn and fun-to-do meditation programmes delivered via an app on your mobile or online at home, that perfectly fits into your life! You can learn at a time that suits you and it starts with daily 10-minute sessions (they later build to 20 minutes).

Why not treat your head right with a FREE Headspace trial?  Even celebrities are at it, like Emma Watson, Davina McCall and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“I found Headspace last year and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life. In the beginning I found it hard to find 10 minutes in my day to sit down and have the space to be still, but now I can’t wait to get out of bed to meditate, it sets me up for the whole day.” - Anna, SPAN specialist

"I am on day 27 of Headspace, I love it!
I am sleeping better, which has given me more energy, and more time. I actually have an evening, instead of collapsing into bed at 8.30pm. I feel much calmer and kinder towards myself and my son.
Thank you for myself and my boy." - site user

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