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Body Confidence & Being A Single Parent

Body Confidence & Being A Single Parent

Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in is so important, and we’re partnering up with the social enterprise Nutriri to promote self-love as a single parent.

Our bodies will change

We all have grief for the loss of a body shape we once had or longed for.  Many of us are actively keeping happiness on hold until we get to that number on the scales.

There’s nothing more physically demanding than being pregnant and giving birth, and the obsession with hiding stretchmarks and becoming a ‘yummy mummy’ is a myth by glossy magazines saying women should be slim and toned and men should be muscled and defined.

How we currently eat and how we currently feel about our bodies comes from air-brushed images of celebrities portraying a body ideal we’ve all been struggling to achieve.

Brainwashing also comes from critical comments from well-meaning relatives around our weight and what we should do about it.

The diet industry has been subtly changing its message from ‘lose weight’ to ‘get healthy’ – but this is still saying you have to make a change to be happy.

Nutriri’s story

Founder Helen, tried yo-yo diets for over 30 years. She says: “I was our first customer and spent the whole time, during our development, listening to others experiences of dietland.  And we hope never to stop listening.”

The first people Nutriri helped all had lower weight bodies, asking for help with their eating habits and self esteem. They weren’t welcome at slimming clubs because they already had ‘socially acceptable’ body types and didn’t know where to turn.

What they do

Nutriri works with people of ALL body shapes and sizes to boost health at every size. They can help with weight acceptance, as well as weight change journeys and have worked with post-op bariatric surgery patients; over exercisers; under eaters, binge eaters, those wishing to leave diets behind to find food and body ease. is a social enterprise; a mission led business that re-invests future profits to reach and help more people. 

A FREE membership group for helping you love the skin you’re in

Nutriri now run a free membership space at a place to connect with others who are beginning to see through old diet culture.

This FREE membership group is a great introduction to mindful eating and establishing self care through self love instead of guilt and shame.

Founder Helen said:During the early days of nutriri, I was signed off work through chronic illness; claiming ESA and experiencing the joys of health assessments, barriers to work and access to work appraisals.  Along the way I met so many lovely people who felt trapped, some in low self esteem and feeling they had little to contribute or just couldn’t see a way through their situation.

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