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Welcome to our free online courses.

Using the courses

Our courses don't require you to log in, create a new account or to sign up to receieve emails. Instead, we provide downloadable worksheets for you to use during the course. The worksheets will open in Wordpad or Microsoft Office on a PC. On a Macintosh use Text Edit or Microsoft Office. Tips for iPhone / iPad users. Android and iPhone users can use the Google Docs App.

Confident Parenting

The Confident Parenting Course was written specially for single parents. Parenting is hard work and we all need a little bit of help. If you would like to learn if and how you could improve your parenting, then this course is for you.

Topics include: parenting alone, our responsibilities as parents, rights of children and parents, practical and emotional development at different ages and stages, behaviour and discipline techniques. By working through the activities you will gain ideas, tips and tools to help you become more confident in your parenting.

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CVs For Beginners

You need a CV quick! But what is one, and how do you create a good one? This short course will guide you through the process of making a CV.

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Ways Into Work

This course will give you the tools to look at your skills and aspirations and show you how to research and use opportunities.

If you’re a single parent looking for work or a new job, this course is written specially for you. If you’re not a parent, or you live with a partner, you’ll still find the course useful.

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Everyday Assertiveness

Why do some people get more attention than others? Why won’t your children listen to you? Why does your ex let you down? Why do keep losing your temper? Why do you feel uncomfortable and awkward? How come you’re always beating yourself up about things that don’t seem to bother other people?

You may think that other people are born with a mystery skill, but the answer may be to do with “assertiveness” and it’s something we can all learn. This course will tell you what it is and give you some tips on how to recognise it and use it in your day-to-day life.

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The Freedom Programme

Unfortunately we’re no longer able to offer the Freedom Programme (for survivors of domestic abuse) on our site. You can take the course here instead. For support and discussion, join the Womens Aid Survivors’ Forum.