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If you are worried about your home and how to ensure you keep a roof over your family's head, there are resources you can access, both here on and on more specialist sites. If you can't find the answers you are looking for in our articles, your first port of call should be Shelter, the charity that specialises in housing and homelessness. They offer accurate and independent advice and are the best source of housing advice around.

Also have a look at who offer housing advice from experts and details of other useful relevant organisations.

  • Support for Single Parents facing Eviction

    Support for Single Parents facing Eviction

    There are numerous reasons why people face being evicted from private rented tenancies. The landlord might want you evicted due to rent arrears or simply because they want the property back. If your relationship… Read more

  • Top 10 Tips to Avoid Repossession

    Top 10 Tips to Avoid Repossession

    If you're a single parent and struggling to pay your mortgage, it's essential to stay focused on what's most important. Here are some suggestions which you can try doing if you are in danger… Read more

  • Poor Condition of your Rented Property

    Poor Condition of your Rented Property

    Help! I have just moved into a rented property which was left dirty and with broken furniture. What can I do? When you are a single parent it can be stressful finding somewhere for… Read more

  • Facing Homelessness

    Facing Homelessness

    People facing homelessness or who are already homeless may be able to get help from their Local Authority Housing Solutions Department or through Local Authority Homeless Section. Your Local Authority has legal duties to… Read more

  • Bedroom Tax

    Bedroom Tax

    In April 2013 there were some changes to Housing Benefit for people who live in social housing (council or housing association properties). These changes are commonly referred to as the 'Bedroom Tax', though they are… Read more

  • Support for Homeless Single Parents

    Support for Homeless Single Parents

    What support is there available for single parents at risk of becoming homeless?  If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless it can be extremely stressful for anyone. If you are a… Read more

  • Housesharing for single parents: Less is more?

    Housesharing for single parents: Less is more?

    House sharing – it conjures visions of The Young Ones; dubious bathroom habits, filthy kitchens, drugs and drunkenness, all-night parties, arguments about housekeeping and housemates bringing a frightening array of mates or dodgy partners… Read more

  • Bedroom Tax FAQs

    Bedroom Tax FAQs

    Why has my Housing Benefit reduced? From April 2013 all Local Authority tenants who have a spare bedroom will have to pay a ‘bedroom tax’. What is the reduction? The bedroom tax reduction is… Read more