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Facing Homelessness

Facing Homelessness

People facing homelessness or who are already homeless may be able to get help from their Local Authority Housing Solutions Department or through Local Authority Homeless Section.

Your Local Authority has legal duties to find permanent accommodation for people who are already homeless or will be made homeless in 28 days:

  • This could be because you have nowhere to live at all
  • Have no legal right to stay where you are
  • Your present home is unsuitable for your family’s needs
  • You/your family are vulnerable eg:
    • There are medical/disability related problems
    • Young children who live with you need housing
  • If you have local links eg:
    • Family living within your Local Authority area
    • Work in the area
    • Have support in the area
  • You have not become intentionally homeless

The Homeless rules do not apply to people subject to immigration status issues and those without the right to reside in the UK.

Read Support for Homeless Single Parents for more information.

For further information contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Local Authority Homeless Department or visit

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