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Research your next Rental Property

Research your next Rental Property

Life as a single parent is hard enough without having to worry about the place we call home.

If you are renting privately, have you ever had a rogue landlord? Been disgusted at the state of the property you are renting? Struggled to get your deposit back? Felt harassed and intimidated by the letting agents?

These are all very challenging yet real issues. It's easy to feel as if we have no-one to turn to and nowhere to have our voices heard and that's not ideal, especially when it involves something so critical as the homes we're raising our children in.

With the lack of decent affordable housing, now, more than ever, we need a place to share our stories.

Check out this new website called Marks Out Of Tenancy, it helps tenants by letting them share their stories. You rate the landlord, letting agent, the property you've rented and the neighbourhood you've lived in.

Here's a few of the site features:

  • Verified - All reviews are verified, so you know the tenancy has actually happened
  • Handy map - Use the map on the homepage to easily find reviews in your area
  • Landlord replies - Landlords are encouraged to reply to reviews. This helps show renters they're engaging as a good landlord
  • Useful reviews - The reviews are broken down in to landlord and/or letting agent, the property, and the neighbourhood. That way it's really easy to quickly get all the information you need
  • Housing benefit - Landlords can show if they accept tenants on housing benefit. This is really useful as it's hard to find landlords who accept tenants on housing benefit
  • Anonymous review - There's no usernames or names displayed on reviews, so no need to worry about revenge evictions or being tracked online
  • Check your deposit - Did your landlord or letting agent protect your deposit? If not, you might be able to claim up to 3 times the deposit amount back. Use this handy checker to find out Check My Deposit
  • Letting agents - Love them or hate them, there are some letting agents who provide a really good level of service. The good ones can use reviews to show how good they are. When you read a review it's easy to tell who to rent from, who to avoid, where to rent and what the neighbourhood or suburb is like to live in, before you move in

So before you rent your next place, use it for your research and while you're at it, leave a review for the place you're leaving!

At SingleParents, we give Marks Out Of Tenancy - 10 out of 10!

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