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Useful Calculators

Useful Calculators

In alphabetical order, here is a comprehensive list of online tools, planners and calculators to help with everyday life.

Back to School Planner
Use this planner to help set a budget for the new school term including school uniforms, school meals, books and stationery.

Bedroom Tax calculator
If you are on housing benefit, work out if the Bedroom Tax will affect you.

Benefits entitlement calculator
Work out if you are entitled to any more benefits.

Budget calculator
Enter your Incomings and then your outgoings and see where you could compromise.

Carbon Footprint calculator
Calculate then learn how to reduce of offset your carbon footprint.

Child Maintenance calculator
To help towards your child's everyday living costs, fcomplete the Child Maintenance calculator.

Cycle to work calculator
Just for fun, work out the benefits of cycling to places rather than using the car.

Divorce and Separation calculator
Help you work out what you have and how to split assets.

Income Tax calculator
This salary calculator works out your take home pay after income tax, student loans, pensions, plus compares to past years.

Legal Aid calculator
Find out if you can get help paying for legal advice or family mediation.

Money stretcher calculator
Work out how long you have got until your money runs out.

Mortgage calculator
Find out how much your monthly mortgage payments could be, also how much money you could afford to borrow.

State pension calculator
When will you reach State Pension age? How much you might get for your basic State Pension.

Universal Credit calculator
Find out how much money you may be entitled to when Universal Credit takes over the benefits system.

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