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Money & Debt

Debt is a major cause of anxiety and stress for single parents and especially for parents who have recently separated. If you need advice and support on managing money issues and debt, make a start by reading some of the articles in this section. They are updated regularly and the information is checked by our own advisors and external financial experts.

We have teamed up with Money Matters, a Bristol based organisation providing debt, money and energy advice under the Government funded Money Advisory Service. Their advisers are fully accredited to provide the best up to date advice available.

If you are parenting alone and need advice on benefits and welfare matters, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

  • Guide to Dealing with Debt

    Guide to Dealing with Debt

    Knowing that you owe lots of money and can’t keep up the payments can feel really scary. Please don't ignore the problem: it won’t go away and the longer you leave it, the worse… Read more

  • Understanding different types of debt

    Understanding different types of debt

    It is important that you understand the difference between priority and non priority debt and understand which ones you must deal with first and how to deal with them. If you find yourself in… Read more

  • Emotional Effects of Debt

    Emotional Effects of Debt

    It may seem strange to talk about debt having “emotional effects”. After all, if we are in debt there are many practical issues to face. Looking after our health while we are in financial… Read more

  • What is Bankruptcy?

    What is Bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows a person to deal with debts that they are unable to repay. Most debts are wiped in bankruptcy and subject to some restrictions a fresh start can… Read more

  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy

    Alternatives to Bankruptcy

    As a one parent family you may well have seen adverts promising a quick way out of debt. But take care! The reality may be very different. This guide briefly mentions the various solutions… Read more

  • Guide to Bankruptcy

    Guide to Bankruptcy

    Being a one parent family can be full of pleasures, yet now and again we have to deal with some downsides. An example of this is debt and possibly having to use bankruptcy to… Read more

  • Guide to Living on a Budget

    Guide to Living on a Budget

    Many single parents have to live on a budget. Get into a healthy habit of planning so you can manage your money in a realistic way, and learn some money-saving skills that will help… Read more

  • Useful Calculators

    Useful Calculators

    In alphabetical order, here is a comprehensive list of online tools, planners and calculators to help with everyday life. Back to School PlannerUse this planner to help set a budget for the new school… Read more

  • Grants and Loans for Adult Learners

    Grants and Loans for Adult Learners

    If you are planning to return to education and you have done your research you will know that there is a wide choice of subjects available to you; many are free but many of them… Read more

  • Grants for Fuel and Water Bills

    Grants for Fuel and Water Bills

    Many water and energy suppliers have trusts and funds which can offer grants to help with utility bills and sometimes other household bills and necessities for low income families. Here are a few suppliers… Read more

  • 50 Ways to spend less and make Money

    50 Ways to spend less and make Money

    We've put together some of our favourite money-saving and money-making tips for you: Money Making Tips  Not 10, 20 or 30 but 50 ways to improve your finances in 2015  Start preparing your finances… Read more