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How to Stay Sane whilst we Isolate

How to Stay Sane whilst we Isolate

So here we are in April 2020, we should be planning our summer holidays, spending sunny days with our family and friends and visiting exciting places with our children. Instead we are home and locked away from Covid-19. That last bit sounded dull and depressing right?

In a world where we look to social media & a quick google search to find that ultimate hit of happiness or a boost for our mental health, we have to look at what is around us to truly make us stronger in the mind and as single parents during our new “normal” this is imperative. Here I will give you a small insight into how we can train our minds into thinking positively about the situation therefore feeding into others around us creating a ripple effect, it may sound like its all sunshine and butterflies but it works.

  • Routine. Creating a daily routine and sticking to it forms a purpose, this is your foundation for staying sane. Separate weekdays from the weekends where life usually is more relaxed, this doesn’t have to be rigid and it won’t be with children at home 24/7 but the base needs to be there.
  • Exercise. Currently we are allowed to leave our homes once a day for safe exercise this could be a walk, bike ride or if you have older children a family run. Getting the endorphins flowing moves our mindset as adults and puts us in good steed for the days ahead. If on days you can’t leave the house there are lots of resources online for hiit training, simple yoga stretches, family workouts – have a search, you’ll be amazed at what you can find.
  • Music. Get a feelgood play list together, unearth those fantastic songs you used to love. Sing, dance and let your hair down. It works wonders to help loosen up a tired and stressed out parent.
  • Keep it tidy. Once the children are in bed where possible tidy away toys, crafts and any equipment ready for the following day this helps keep on top of clutter and helps our minds feel more in charge of another situation that is capable of spiralling out of control.
  • Self-Care. This comes up a lot and is one of the most important things as a single parent whether in lockdown or not. Instantly the mind springs to having a lovely relaxing bath with your favourite candle which isn’t always possible. Self-care can also be reminding yourself you are doing your best, snatching a moment for 3 deep breaths, pausing to rehydrate with a glass of water, if you have a garden grow something for yourself. There are so many minor things we do that can actually have such a huge positive impact on our wellbeing. Visit our Wellbeing page for lots of tips on caring for yourself.
  • Talk. Reach out to your family and friends, book in a time to sit down with a cup of tea and have a catch up on the phone, make some plans for when we are able to meet again. Having something planned gives us a boost. Join in our online Zoom chats! Meet other single parents online, check out our Facebook page for next meeting.

    Last but by no means least…
  • Smile. It does amazing things to you and others around you and is proven to make you feel better.

    smiling single parent


Contributed by SingleParent Chloe, mum to 1 girl

Thanks Chloe

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