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Books for Older Children 10 Yrs+

Books for Older Children 10 Yrs+

Welcome to our Book List for Older Children! (in no particular order). These books have been recommended by single parents for older children when their parents divorce or separate. There are links to where you can buy the books from, however these may not be the cheapest option, so do your research.

Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson

A real favourite of Jacky fans, The Suitcase Kid deals very sensitively and humorously with divorce and how to cope with having two homes. Although there are many children's books about divorce, few move beyond bland therapeutic preaching into the realm of well-told stories. This one does. The Suitcase Kid follows Andrea West and her tiny stuffed rabbit, Radish, through the painful adjustment of being a kid with divorced parents.

Suitcase Kid

The Divorce Helpbook for Kids (Rebuilding Books; For Divorce and Beyond) - by Cynthia MaCregor

A guide to dealing with the divorce of parents, discussing various reasons for divorce, the emotions experienced by the children, and ways of coping with the change.

The Divorce Helpbook for Kids

The Worry Website by Jacqueline Wilson

The Worry Website is Mr Speed the class teacher's idea of a place for his pupils to write their worries down anonymously and then get help with solving them from their peers. Linking the worries of seven children in the book through short stories, from divorced parents to living with a disability, and from feeling useless at school to nightmares at home.

The Worry Website

My parents are divorced: how to keep it together when your mom and dad are splitting up by Florence Cadier, Melissa Daly and Claire Gandini

Practical and calming advice for any preteen or teen whose family is splitting up. The book includes sections on tension at home, being in the middle, visitation, what to expect at court, learning not to blame yourself, and much more.

My Parents are Divorced

Your dad, My mum by Hazel Townson

Alan believes his dad to be a hero, but when he discovers the truth, he is willing to consider a new partner for mum. Similarly, Pru, who thinks her dad has forgotten her dead mother, comes to realise he needs companionship too. But there are many shocks and surprises in store as their wills against this new relationship weaken.

Your Dad, My Mum

Help! My Family is Driving me Crazy by Kathryn Lamb

Families have a habit of being very annoying for teenagers. At best they curb your lifestyle, at worst they really make you cringe. The cartoons in this book show teenagers how to deal with families in the right way, and limit the damage they may cause to their coolness.

Help my family is driving me crazy 

Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine

One stormy night, five stranded schoolchildren uncover the story of a boy who many years ago learned what it was like to have a truly wicked stepfather. The children's stories have warmth and humour, as well as sadness, and a fair share of happy endings.

Step by Wicked Step

If you have younger children you may be interested in having a look at our Books for Younger Children (0-10 Yrs) to help them to cope with Divorce or Separation.

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