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We had to dedicated an entire section to questions asked by parents of teenagers. Teenagers have very specific issues and their parents often struggle to provide the support needed by a young adult who bears no resemblance to the adorable 8 year old who used to be their child. There are very few hard and fast rules on how to deal with issues ranging from drug addiction, body issues and cyberbullying to computer games to refusing to help with household tasks. And that's before we even mention relationships!

  • Family Contract

    Family Contract

    When we are raising children on our own, parenting can be one of the most challenging aspects! When they reach teenage years, being a single parent becomes twice as hard as we have no-one… Read more

  • Parenting Teens

    Parenting Teens

    The teenage years can be a nightmare for many parents, even harder if you are parenting alone and have no-one to share the feelings of frustratration and powerlessness with. However, the teen years really… Read more

  • Communicating with your Teenager

    Communicating with your Teenager

    The age old cliché about teenagers is that they don’t talk, they grunt! It is true that teenage years mark a definite change in levels of communication between parents and their children. Most parents,… Read more

  • Drugs and Alcohol

    Drugs and Alcohol

    As single parents we often feel judged and blamed by society if our children go ‘off the rails’ which increases our fear and uncertainty of our children getting hooked on drugs or alcohol? Do… Read more

  • Eating Disorders

    Eating Disorders

    Britain has the highest rate of eating disorders in the UK and in a survey 1 in 5 teenagers admitted to having eating problems. But what does having a teenager with an eating disorder… Read more

  • Changing your Parenting now your Child is a Teen

    Changing your Parenting now your Child is a Teen

    So you have been a parent for, maybe 10 years and you’re pretty good at it. Your child has had their “moments”, but then so have you and both of you are doing more… Read more

  • Internet Lingo Guide for Parents

    Internet Lingo Guide for Parents

    Parenting can be stressful. Things advance at a rapid pace and suddenly you have an entire generation of culture between you and your teen.What you thought was cool is now old and lame and… Read more

  • Disrespectful Teens

    Disrespectful Teens

    Teenagers are seldom disrespectful without a reason, because every child wants to be loved and valued. They would not risk their feeling of security and inclusion for the sake of it. The following are… Read more

  • Volunteering for Teens

    Volunteering for Teens

    How can we go about motivating these often unmotivated and self-centered young people that are our teenagers? “I don’t have the time” I hear you cry and this is quite understandable with the busy… Read more

  • Developing Adult Behaviour

    Developing Adult Behaviour

    Over the course of recent decades ‘teenager’ has become a bit of a dirty word. People often feel uneasy or intimidated walking past a group of youths. Many parents dread seeing their fun, creative… Read more

  • Self Harm

    Self Harm

    As parents we find the idea of someone hurting our son or daughter quite unbearable. If we were to discover that someone had hurt them, we would without doubt be extremely angry and upset.… Read more

  • Sex and Relationships for Teens

    Sex and Relationships for Teens

    Use your own experience to support your teenager in the mysterious world of sex and love... "So you’re a single parent then? Broken marriage? Failed relationship? Not so good at the whole romance business… Read more

  • Lazy Teens!

    Lazy Teens!

    Is your lazy teen driving you up the wall? You will be no stranger to the frustration that comes with a teenager whose hand has become welded to the remote or whose only attempt to… Read more

  • Peer Pressure and Teens

    Peer Pressure and Teens

    Do you know who is influencing your teenager? The Undesirable Best Friend! Your 11 year old daughter’s new best friend is your worst nightmare as she was the reason that your daughter decided to… Read more

  • Books for Older Children 10 Yrs+

    Books for Older Children 10 Yrs+

    Welcome to our Book List for Older Children! (in no particular order). These books have been recommended by single parents for older children when their parents divorce or separate. There are links to where you can buy… Read more

  • Aggressive Teenagers

    Aggressive Teenagers

    When a parent is confronted by aggressive behaviour from a teenage child it can be nerve-wracking, not least because that child is possibly bigger than you are! For a single parent, who doesn’t have… Read more