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Every Child is Unique

Every Child is Unique

Recognising the unique characteristics of your child.

Each of us is born with unique characteristics and it is important that we encourage our children to develop their own unique style of being. We might think they are the spitting image of their elder sibling, their other parent or your sister, however they aren't. They are unique!

When we learn to recognise our child’s unique characteristics and then tell our child about them, they learn self-esteem and self-confidence. As they strive to be themselves they will try to be the best they can be at all times. By not comparing our children with other members of the family, they will learn to be an individual and not follow the crowd.

How to make your child feel unique

Tell your child about their name, where it came from and how you came to choose it. This is the beginning of their individuality.

Tell your child about one of their positive unique personality characteristics; it could be that they are affectionate, considerate, helpful, smiley or diplomatic, brave, amusing, creative, polite, sensible, tidy, practical. Tell them why you think they are. Give them examples.

Turn a negative characteristic around. Instead of saying they are stubborn or awkward, they are strong willed, determined, pro active, intense or protective.

Tell your child that you recognise one or more of their unique interests, whether it be small creatures, painting, playing the drums, tidying their dolls’ house or making mud pies.

Encourage their unique interests. This makes them feel special and interesting and it teaches them about themselves.

A great time to have these discussions is during Special Time.

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