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We all want to do the best we can for our children, but their behavior sometimes can be difficult to understand! Read the articles in this section to see how single parents can help their children deal with the sometimes difficult circumstances around family breakup, divorce, step-parents, new partners and contact with your ex. Our Confident Parenting course might also be useful.

  • Reward Charts for Young Children

    Reward Charts for Young Children

    Should we encourage shop bought or free incentives for children's reward charts? Sally our experienced parenting programme facilitator shares her thoughts: Whilst facilitating a parenting programme session recently, I had just explained the reward… Read more

  • Every Child is Unique

    Every Child is Unique

    Recognising the unique characteristics of your child. Each of us is born with unique characteristics and it is important that we encourage our children to develop their own unique style of being. We might… Read more

  • Bullying


    Bullying, whether physical or emotional, is a terrible ordeal for any child and difficult for parents to deal with. When you're the only one parent dealing with it, it's even harder. It is really… Read more

  • How to Make your Child Behave

    How to Make your Child Behave

    Parents often want to know how they can make their children behave or be ‘good’. Parents want to know how to get their children to make their bed or bring their washing down or… Read more

  • Helping your children bounce back

    Helping your children bounce back

    We want our children to be more resilient, so how can we do this? Our world is obsessed with 10 Top Tips to ..., 5 Ways to..., 3 Strategies for... but there's a better… Read more

  • Cooperative Children - the How To guide

    Cooperative Children - the How To guide

    As our children grow they need to learn to make decisions for themselves. Our job as parents is to help them with this. If you find that they watch TV instead of doing their… Read more

  • Discipline - The Single Parent Guide

    Discipline - The Single Parent Guide

    As a single parent, it can be harder to discipline your children as there is no other adult backing you or re-enforcing your rules. This can become especially hard at times when you may… Read more

  • No Image


    Cyberbullying can happen on social networking sites, like Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, in Internet chat rooms, blogs (online journals), Instant Messaging, on photo or video sharing sites like Youtube and in online gaming. Children using… Read more

  • Praise that child!

    Praise that child!

    Our children need to learn self discipline, the difference between right and wrong. We all want our children to behave well, feel confident in decision making and grow into responsible adults. If they don’t,… Read more

  • How to Make 'Special Time' for Our children

    How to Make 'Special Time' for Our children

    Single parents often feel that they spend ALL their time with the children, but do we really? Are we washing up? Going to playgroup? Cleaning? On the phone? Cooking? Are we actually communicating with… Read more

  • Parenting Programmes

    Parenting Programmes

    Attending a parenting programme shows strength not weakness. We all need support with raising our children. When a parenting group starts we are all strangers but as the group progresses and we work together it is… Read more

  • Life as a teenage single parent

    Life as a teenage single parent

    If you’re a teenager or young mother who previously lived with parents or carers, you now have to also get used to doing housework, cooking, paying the bills and other household tasks. You are… Read more