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9 – Education History

The Education History is just a list of the qualification you have achieved, including GCSEs and any other training and courses.

Add your qualifications to your CV starting with the most recent ones. Remember that employers don’t like gaps where it looks like you weren’t learning or working. Don’t forget to include short courses and workshops, like manual handling, health and safety, customer care, diversity awareness, etc.

I haven’t got any qualifications!

Don’t worry - put in which schools you attended and mention what things you were good at there, like being in a sports team, being in a club, etc or any responsibilities you had. Have you done any short courses or workshops that are relevant?

If you have internet access, there are lots of free online courses (like this one!) that you can do. Employers like people who motivate themselves to learn new things. Whenever you do a course or a workshop, keep a record of it in your CV document.

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