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6. Is this the job for you?

Writing a good application takes time, so make sure you use your time well. Before you apply for a job, you need to ask yourself some questions:

How do you know if a particular job is worth applying for? How do you find out if you stand a chance of getting a particular job? Are you able to work the required hours? Is the salary enough to live on or will you need additional benefits? Can you fit child care or school around the working hours?

Job checker

Exercise: Using the techniques on the previous page, find some jobs you might like to apply for. For each of them, find out the qualifications required and the person specification, salary, location and hours of work. Use the application checker (below) to check which jobs your should go for. If you click a lot of greens, the job is probably the right one for you. Too many ambers or reds might suggest that it’s not so suitable and you should spend your time applying for a different one.

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