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5. Ways to find a job

Finding jobs using the internet

Searching for jobs online is now one of the best ways to find a vacancy. A lot of jobs can be applied for by email or by an online form.

A person applying for jobs on phone and using the internet.
You can do a lot of your job searching on the internet and by phone.
But don’t forget to use the other methods listed below too.

Below is a list of websites where you can look for vacancies. Many of them show jobs in different categories, but sometimes it’s best to look at all the jobs in an area, or to search for a particular words like “technical”, “care” or “part time”. Or look for the most recent job adverts. You’ll soon get good at skimming through pages of adverts and spotting the ones you could apply for.

Exercise: Try this on several of the sites to get used to how they work. Try to find an example for each of the following. Copy and paste the URL of each job into your worksheet. If you need help copying and pasting a URL, this video shows how to do it.

  1. A job advertised near where you live.
  2. A job advert for work in a shop Use the site’s search function if it has one.
  3. A job with an application deadline that is this week
  4. The newest job advert in your area.

Organisation/Company Websites

Exercise: Search for the website of an organisation or company you would like to work for, this could be a charity, a college or university, a chain store, your local council, a multi-national company, a hospital, a housing association… anyone you can think of. Find the jobs page on their website and copy and paste the urls of any jobs that sounds interesting.

Newspapers and newspaper websites

Exercise: Go to the website of a newspaper to look for jobs. Visit either your local newspaper or a national newspaper. National newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times will have more high level/highly skilled jobs across the UK, whilst local newspapers will have a range of jobs in your local area.

If you don’t have internet access, there will often be local and national newspapers available in libraries and cafes. It sometimes helps to do your job searching away from home, and you won’t have to pay for a newspaper.

All theses jobs can be hard to keep track of! When you are doing your online job search, copy the urls into a word processor document or email them to yourself. This will enable you to make a shortlist and decide which to apply for and when.

Jot down the closing dates for applications for each job, the salary, hours etc. Apply first for the ones that are most urgent and you most want to get.

Save bookmarks in your browser so you can open all your favourite job-searching sites quickly. Get into a routine of checking for new jobs every day.

Other ways to find jobs

Even if you have internet access, you’ll increase your chances of finding work if you try these other methods as well.

  • Careers fairs / exhibitions
  • Careers service
  • Visiting employers and asking if any jobs are available
  • Job centre / Jobcentre Plus
  • Meeting people who know about work opportunities. Many people find work through people they’ve met at clubs, religious groups, sports events etc. Keep your ears open for opportunities!
  • Recruitment consultants / head hunters
  • Regional or local newspapers
  • Trade, professional magazines / newspapers
  • Recruitment agencies

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