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2. Making changes

If assertiveness is difficult for you, you may find that many of the things you find difficult in life are linked to a lack of assertiveness.

In your worksheet, answer each of these five questions with two examples from your own life that you’d like to improve. To get the idea, read the example we’ve given.

Example: Getting the children to school on time
What would you like to achieve? Getting the children ready and out of the house without it being a rush.
How would you like to feel? Like I’m a good parent, not stressed and unable to cope.
What would you like to know? How to get the children to do it themselves and not rely on me to get them out of bed.
What skills do you need? The ability to get them to take notice of me and to play their part, without me losing my temper.
How can assertiveness and confidence help you? I can stop thinking that I’m a bad parent, and I can avoid getting so upset when I ask my children to help.

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