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A Day in the Life of a Single Parent

A Day in the Life of a Single Parent

Single parents have a multitude of jobs and our days are constant, from the minute we wake up to the minute we go back to bed!

Our role as chef, cleaner, social coordinator, taxi, doctor, nurse, teacher, counsellor, kitchen porter, childminder, house keeper maid, security guard, handyperson, accountant, book keeper, confidante, supervisor, secretary, nutritionist, personal assistant, life coach, laundry maid, motivational speaker and entertainer applies to all parents.

However when you are parenting alone, you have no-one to share these roles with! We don’t get holiday pay, sick pay or days off and we're on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. decided to make a film which showed the Day in the Life of a Single Parent.


After filming we realised that ‘the Day’ we had created was a obviously a ‘good’ day as no children were off school ill, there was no ex putting in unrealistic demands, the electricity meter hadn’t run out, there was no fighting between the children, no friends in need turning up unannounced, no emergency runs to A&E and no important deadlines to meet at the end of the work day, which then make you late for picking up the children and needing to rearrange/juggle afterschool childcare.

We salute all single parents for effectively managing their lives and coping with any of the other interruptions that can and do occur on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy 

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