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NEW! - Camping Holidays for Single Parents and their Children

NEW! - Camping Holidays for Single Parents and their Children


After searching hundreds of travel websites, a single father from Dorset has launched an exclusive camping holiday business targeting single parents and their children.

Campmates is a fantastic new experience offering low cost and sociable camping holidays for single parents and their offspring. Set on a beautiful and well-established campsite in the New Forest, Campmates guests will enjoy the benefits of a luxury tent and camping equipment, included in every booking. Guests need only bring bedding, clothes and food to enjoy a 3, 4 or 7 night holiday with their kids.

Part owner and brainchild behind this refreshing new single parent holiday concept is Nick Simms, a local father living in Dorset. In 2014, Nick looked tirelessly for a holiday which he and his 5 year old son could both enjoy, however was dismayed at the lack of options available for single parents. Here’s what he had to say:

“Last year I was itching to take my son on holiday for a long weekend, but seeing as my boy goes to bed at a reasonable time (even on holiday), it struck me that I would have to read a book or watch TV every evening and that really didn’t appeal to me. I thought there must be something out there where I could socialise with other single parents in the evening but being a responsible parent, every option turned out to be a dead end. I’m certainly not going to leave my son alone for more than a second and I don’t really trust babysitting services run by strangers using an intercom. So having failed miserably in my search, we didn’t get our holiday and I was determined to address this issue.”

Campmates is an exclusive camping community of approximately 20 luxury tents strategically positioned around a marquee called “The Den”. All of the tent doors face “The Den” so parents can relax and mingle with each other whilst being able to see their tent and know their kids are tucked up fast asleep inside. All parents have one thing in common, their children and their desire to lead a social life alongside single-parent hood. So if one parent needs to pop off to the loo, they know the other parents will be their eyes and ears for 2 minutes and visa versa. A Campmates holiday will undoubtedly bring single parents together and it’s a very low cost holiday that everyone can enjoy.

“The Den” doubles up in the daytime as a great place for everyone to take shelter on those wet and windy days. There will be games and other fun activities that everyone can enjoy and campmates are currently working on fun ideas for kids and parents to get involved in if they stay on the campsite during the day.

The maximum group size is 4 per tent and there must be at least one child under the age of 15 included in a party. Nick goes on to say, “We’re not a singles club and we’re certainly not looking for adolescent tearaways drinking alcohol, but we do think this will appeal to any single parent who wants to take their kids away and socialise with other parents at the same time.

Visit Campmates to book your low cost camping trip now!

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