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Waste Not, Want Not - Soups, Stews, Curries

Waste Not, Want Not - Soups, Stews, Curries

These liquid-base meals are perfect for chilly nights, freeze well, and can be adjusted to feed different numbers of people. They also tend to be convenient one-pot meals for minimum fuss. P.S. make your own stock and use it in these recipes!


  •          A vegetable soup recipe that can be adapted to whatever is in your cupboard: you just need some stock and potatoes on hand!
  •          A savoury, spicy carrot & lentil soup that can be prepared in less than half an hour and frozen for later use.
  •          Use up holiday turkey or other poultry meats in this creamy turkey & wild rice soup. The wild rice can be substituted with cheaper alternatives, although white rice isn’t recommended. Look here for other rice recipes.





  •          British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook declared chicken tikka masala to be Britain’s true national dish in 2001 — debatable, but delectable regardless!
  •          This vegan potato curry may look slightly intimidating, but it doesn’t call for too many spices —all of which are handy to keep around the kitchen anyway!
  •          Here’s a different take that uses sweet potatoes instead.


P.S. Soups, stews, and curries all keep well, but sometimes you’re left with a smaller portion than you need. You can use it as a side or a snack, but you can also cook rice in them to give you a very flavourful dish that resembles a risotto. This method of cooking actually calls for a thinner liquid so that the resulting dish isn’t too thick! I’ve found that a 3:1 gravy to water ratio works best.

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