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Poem about Back Home in the Caribbean

Poem about Back Home in the Caribbean

Back Home

I long to feel that cool cool breeze
As I think every day of small island life
With breadfruit, mango and banana trees
And men picking coconuts at such great heights

Local children dressed in colourful clothes
Pretty frocks and skirts; I used to wear some of those
With sun drenched roads you look for cover
It’s much much hotter than the British summer

The towns busy today; cruise ships are in
Tourists a coming and the spending begin
Most wants arts and crafts and plenty rum
They only have one day to this run

Down by the beach is where you’ll find me
There’s nothing like the warm water of the Caribbean Sea
With quiet coves and black volcanic sands
You don’t want to leave till the sun goes down

As I take the bus to where I’m going
I enjoy the sweet reggae music playing
They come frequent and drive past when full up
There’s no bell to press just shout ‘Bus Stop’

It wasn’t so long ago that I was there
As going home is a long distance affair
I find that keeping in touch is expensive too
But the pictures on my desktop keeps reminding me of you.

“Celebrating all that is positive in my culture, the heroes and the she-roes. Coming together with my community and encouraging children to be positive about their culture. To know their past so they can look to their future.” 

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