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Building a Relationship with your Child's Teachers

Building a Relationship with your Child's Teachers

The best way to build a relationship with your child's teacher is to start by making contact with them and introducing yourself.

Having a friendly relationship can benefit your child at home and at school. Parents/carers can help identify certain behaviours that are happening at school but not at home and vice versa. They can also help teachers identify children’s strengths, weaknesses and personality, which can help the teacher deliver their teaching to best suit the child’s needs.

  • Let the teacher know your child’s likes, dislikes and strengths.
  • Tell the teacher of any special help your child may need.
  • Write a note to school and attach it to their homework book to tell the teacher if your child enjoyed it or found it difficult.
  • Ask the teacher how you can best help your child at home with their learning.
  • Contact the teacher if you think your child is having problems at school.
  • Go to parent-teacher evenings and other school events.
  • Let the school know about any changes in your home life which may make a difference to your child’s learning. This information will be treated confidentially.
  • Let the teacher know when you can see that your child is doing well. You can write to them, send them a note or email if you want to.

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