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Lone Dads and Daughters

Lone Dads and Daughters

Not only are you faced with parenting alone, but also raising a female... a very different species to the male!

Some lone dads have said that raising a daughter has made them more caring and compassionate as they have had to listen to their daughters’ needs, rather than just assume they know.

Some challenges that lone dads face

  • Caring for your daughter’s hair - Some learn to plait, whereas others may go for a shorter, more manageable style.
  • Daughter’s first bra - sales assistants in department stores can been very helpful. Just go and visit them in the underwear section and they will be able to advise and assist your daughter.
  • Puberty – girls get lots of information from school these days about puberty. You could ask them if you could read something that they have been given, or go to your local library and find out more there.
  • Boyfriends – this has been a contentious issue for many, many years for fathers all over the world! As men you know what other males are thinking so may become over-protective. The key to success with this matter is to talk openly about how you feel because of what you know, to build trust with your daughter and support her through her puppy love days. You will always be her number one. She needs to know you will always be there for her.

It is always a good idea to have female adults around that you trust, whether they are family members or friends, so your daughter can confide in and question and learn from them if she feels she can’t come to you. Useful for you too, if you have any queries or questions.

As with everything, lead by example – if you always interact positively with women your daughter will learn how she should expect to be treated in her future relationships with men.

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