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Sugar Swaps... Helping Your Children to Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar Swaps... Helping Your Children to Cut Back on Sugar

Is changing your eating habits and improving your children's diet part of your new year's resolution? If so there is a simple change that you can make in 2015 that won't require attending regular support groups (if that's not your thing), reading long books or maintaining subscription payments (money's a bit tight).

Sugar swapping is the word on the street. The idea is simple: replace one sugary food item, such as sugared breakfast cereals, with a healthy alternative, such as a a slice of wholemeal toast with honey.  It helps with dieting, but also saves your children's teeth and gives them the right sort of energy for a healthy and active day. If you are up for it, the Change4Life 'Sugar Swap' campaign can make it easier for you by offering a free guide on how to cut back your sugar intake. By signing up to receive the guide you can also receive money-off vouchers to make buying sugar swaps cheaper, handy stickers and shopping pads as well as useful weekly emails & texts packed with tips, advice and fun ideas to help you swap.

To receive your free guide sign up to the Sugar Swaps website.

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