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New International link for OneSpace

New International link for OneSpace

We have been in touch with an exciting new organisation based in Milan, Italy. Small Families are a group of single parents who are doing in Italy what SPAN and are working hard to achieve in England: to support single parents and their families by providing advice, information and support. They have been active for abut a year  but they have already built a well deserved reputation for clear information and for reaching well beyond their region. We are particularly impressed with their common-sense approach to supporting families in a social environment that is even more hostile than our own to to single parents and especially single mums.

If you have time (and speak Italian, which I am sure most of you do!) take a look at their website, If you are in Italy drop them a line if you need some support. They will do what they can to help! And hopefully we'll see a lot more of them as we try to build a common project to help single mums and dads who are raising children on their own.

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