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Better Jobs for Single Parents

Better Jobs for Single Parents

As part of National Work Life Week the charity Working Families want to encourage employers to show in job advertisements that their vacancies are available on a flexible basis. We think that this is a very important issue for many single parents who want to work but also want a job where they also have time with their children. At the moment too many advertised flexible and part-time jobs are lower paid and lower skilled roles.

At Single Parent Action Network, the charity that runs One Space, we want this to change! We want single parents to move into the best job that they can to make the most of their skills and experience and to have flexibility with that job so that they can also parent.

One Space support the launch of the new initiative to encourage companies to include a strap line in their job adverts to show that they are open to flexible working ‘Happy to talk flexible working’ We think that this will encourage employers to think about the opportunities of flexible working when designing and advertising jobs.

Better for employers to make the most of skills and talents and better for job seekers who will know that flexibility could be open to them.

Do spread the word about the strap line. If you are in work already let your employer know about this initiative. As part of the guide for employers there are lots of tips and support. Read our article Making Work Better for Single Parents.

We are also keen to hear from you about your experience of trying to find a part-time or flexible job? What flexibility is offered at your workplace? What do you think of the strap line?

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