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Publications & Policy Papers

Publications & Policy Papers


SPAN's response to call for evidence for the Independent review of Jobseeker's Allowance sanctions 10 January 2014
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Report about the experience of single parents on the Work Programme. We think that there needs to a clearer and fairer sanctions regime, more specialist lone parent advisers, funds for training and childcare. June 2013
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Submission to the Department of Work and Pensions: "improving the way sanction statistics are kept on job seeking single parents". January 2013
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Evaluation report for the ESOL in Schools Programme: "If you can speak English you can do anything". April 2013

Parliamentary Briefing on The Children & Families Bill 2013
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Evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee for their inquiry about different users groups on the Work Programme, particularly looking at the experience of single parents and their children. 2013
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A Longitudinal Qualitative Study of the Journeys of Single Parents on Job Seekers Allowance. 15th May 2012
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Is the Work programme Working for Single Parents? Analysis of single parents experiences of the Work Programme. March 2012
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Listening to Women's Voices - what really matters. The report of a project funded by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

'Modern Workplaces' Response to the consultation August 2011

'Tackling Child Poverty and Improving Life Chances: Consulting on a New Approach' Response to the consultation February 2011
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'Skills Conditionality Consultation' SPAN's response February 2011
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Lone mothers of mixed racial and ethnic children. SPAN together with Chamion Caballero of London Southbank University have recently collaborated to produce this report.
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'Welfare Reform. 21st Century Welfare' SPAN's response November 2010
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SPAN's response to the Equality Duty – Specific duties proposal Public Sector Duties Nov 2010
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'The Osborne Spending Review' SPAN's response October 2010
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SPAN's response to Government proposals for the Work Programme Sept 2010
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SPAN's reaction to George Osborne Emergency budget. 2010
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SPAN's briefings on Welfare Reform Bill in 2009

> View Briefing for House of Lords Report Stage. Oct 2009

> View Briefing for House of Lords Committee Stage. Jun 2009

> View Briefing for MPs. Feb 2009

'Empowering Family Self-help Groups' External Evaluation of Capacity Builders funded project.
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Flexible, part-time work: SPAN's Parliamentary and Policy Officer's article. Wanted: Organisation prepared to advertise openly for flexible workers.
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Single parent families in the 21st century: paper for a conference in Switzerland. The State and Single Parent Families.
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SPAN's submission to Dr Freud's Review. 2008

Independant Review on Personalized Conditionality in the Welfare System SPAN's submission. Oct 2008

Government proposals for welfare reform in 2008Response to the Green Paper "No-one written off" SPAN's response (Jul 08 Cm 7363) Oct 2008

The Equality Bill: All public bodies have had a duty to promote gender equality. For single parents who face particular disadvantage this can be a valuable tool in pushing public bodies to address their needs. SPAN's response to the consultation


Proofed for Parents by Parents: The Toolkit draws on the findings of SPAN's One Parent Proofing research project and presents a practical resource for initiatives
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Proofed for Parents by Parents: Findings. Report on the findings of SPAN's Participatory One Parent Proofing (POPP) Project. The realities of being a single parent, the challenges involved in moving forward into sustainable employment and the related policy suggestions
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Family Diversity – A Guide for Teachers - a useful tool to help address the complex realities of the changing family situations affecting their pupils.
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'Integrating Children's Perspectives in Policy-making to Combat the Poverty and Social Exclusion Experienced by Single Parent Families: a Transnational Comparative Approach' Report on the project 2007

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