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2.6 – Parents’ rights – feedback

Now look at some possible answers you could have given for the previous activity…

What all parents needWhat others said
To have a treat. Pick something you really feel like doing, it may be some time for yourself, a box of chocs or watch a film. Parenting is hard work and it’s important to recognise you do a good job and that you deserve a treat.You are important too – take some time or do something just for yourself every now and then – Why? because you’re worth it!
To have peace and quiet. Yes, this may be a tall order but if you can set bedtimes and they are working well, take some time to chill out in front of the TV or read a chapter of your favourite book.
To have free time. Try and get some free time just for yourself, if all else fails a warm bath with lots of bubbles, a candle and a glass of what you fancy, even if it’s just fizzy pop! As we give so much to our family, having some free time to pursue what you enjoy is very important. It gives you time to wind down and relax.
To have friends. Take time for your friendships, make new ones by joining local toddler clubs and attending classes etc. They can be an invaluable resource, but try not to always moan when you are together (everyone has troubles and sometimes making small talk and laughing really is the best medicine.) Friends are really important to prevent isolation. Remember it’s good to talk!

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