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2 – What do I need?

Access to word processing software and a computer, tablet or smartphone

You will need some kind of word processor and access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. Libraries have computers available for public use if you don’t have one. This BBC vIdeo gives more information about where you can access computer facilities.

Microsoft Office is the most popular word processor. OpenOffice is a good free word processor that can be downloaded on computer or as an App for phones and tablets. Or you might like to use Google Documents, an online word editor. Note: making a CV on a phone or tablet is likely be more difficult than using a computer, and you’ll need a reliable internet connection.

Access to a printer or email

Your completed CV will almost certainly need to be printed or sent by email. If you don’t have access to a printer, find out if you can email your CV. If you have to print and you have no printer, you might be able to print at a library, Jobcentre or you might have a friend with a printer.

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