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12 – Summary

You’ve got a CV!

If you’ve followed all the tasks, you’ve got yourself a CV! But there are a few more tasks to do to make it perfect…

Read through the CV again, and correct any mistakes. Re-read your statements and see if you can say the same thing in fewer words.

From now on, keep a record of every new thing you achieve, skills you learn and courses that you do. Whenever you have to make a new CV, you can use this information to help you write a personal statement that suits the job, and also to update your education and employment history.

A quick warning before you go!

Many employers now use application forms and won’t accept CVs. But your hard work on this course is not wasted! You can copy the relevant information from your CV and into the forms, which will save you lots of time, and you've now got good at writing about your skills.

Make sure you read application forms properly: some ask you to to send your CV as well, but some tell you not to send a CV. Getting it wrong might mean all your hard work ends up in the bin!

Good luck in your job hunt!


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