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1. Welcome to Ways Into Work

Parent with a baby, preparing to set off on their Way into Work
There are many ways into work. This course will help find the right one for you.

Welcome to Ways Into Work. This short course will take you through looking at your achievements, the skills that you have, what areas of work are best for you, how to find and apply for jobs, and give you some ways to motivate yourself.

Before you start, download our worksheet from the home page for this course.

Your Achievements

We have all achieved many things in our lives. If you have got this far, you have already demonstrated some good computer skills! Maybe you have raised children, or done voluntary work, DIY, taken up a hobby, learnt to drive, planned a group holiday? These are all achievements. If you have found something difficult and still done it, however small it might seem, it is a bigachievement!

Exercise: Spend some time thinking about things you have achieved in your life and type them on your worksheet.

Question Example
Things I’ve achieved throughout life Making friends, riding a bike, getting through the school system…
Things I’ve achieved since leaving school Arranging social events, getting on a course, doing a paper round, learning to use a smartphone…
Things I’ve achieved in the last year Trying online learning, setting up online banking, trying a new hobby.
Things I’ve achieved in the last month Buying some bargains, repairing something, sorting out some paperwork

2. Your achievements

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