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Books for You

Books for You

Welcome to our Book List for You (in no particular order), to help you work through your divorce or separation and supporting your children, then rebuilding your life!

There are links to where you can buy the books from, however these may not be the cheapest option, so do your research.



Putting Children First by Karen and Nick Woodall

Putting children first

Putting Children First helps mothers and fathers unlock and resolve the conflict around contact with children that can arise during and after separation, this book will enable parents to communicate effectively on all the most important things in their children's lives.



Single Parent Families by Sarah L Schuette

Single parent families

Celebrate the diverse family groups that make up our world! Positive, clear text helps emergent readers understand different family relationships, while recognizing the bonds that all families share.


Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce by Paula Hal

Children of all ages can be devastated by the news that their parents' relationship has broken down. This guide will provide you with clear advice and guidance on how to minimise the impact of your relationship breakdown on your children.


We’re still Family by Constance Aurons

we're still family book

This is a well-researched book and living proof that kids can survive and thrive after a divorce. A must read for single parents who want to understand what children have to say about divorce.



Caught in the Middle by Anne Charlish

Caught in the middle

The problem of children being seriously damaged - psychologically or materially - by the separation of their parents is a substantial one. How much this disruption affects children is governed largely by the behaviours of the adults involved. This book encourages adults to become more attuned to the needs of their children and make them a priority during this painful time.


Helping your kids to cope with Divorce in the Sandcastles Way by Gary Neuman

Helping your kids cope with divorce

You want to give your child all the love, support, and guidance he or she needs, but everything seems harder and more complicated. This warm, empathetic guide shows you, amongst other things, how to build a co-parenting relationship--even when you think you can’t.


What about the Children? by Julie Lynn Evans

What about the children

More than 28 per cent of children in the UK are affected by the separation of their parents. Often they have to cope alone. Many adults tell themselves that children are resilient, while others feel they are hurting the people they love the most. This book will help you to identify with your children and provide powerful practical tools to overcome their problems.


Parenting Apart by Christina McGhee

Parenting apart

When a marriage ends, the most important thing divorcing parents can do is to help their children through this difficult transition and remain united as parents even if they are no longer united as a couple. This book offers practical advice on how to help children adjust and thrive during and after separation and divorce, including when to tell your children about the divorce and what to say.


How to have a Healthy Divorce by Paula Hall

How to have a healthy divorce

The process of divorce can be an emotionally devastating experience and, on the practical side, the financial and legal strains can be a major source of stress. Learn to embrace the reality of the situation, gain more understanding of what went wrong and help you handle the rollercoaster of emotions involved.



Moving on: Breaking Up without Breaking Down by Suzie Hayman

Moving on

Cohabitation, marriage, divorce and re-marriage are becoming a normal part of the pattern of everyday life, this book provides information, advice and practical strategies to help you cope, as positively as possible, with the stress of breaking up. You will learn how to manage negative feelings, help your children through the difficult process, cope with shared parenting responsibilities and sort out financial issues.


Are you the one for me? by Barbara de Angelis

Are you the one for me

This is a guide to choosing – and keeping – the right partner. It reveals: why you’ve chosen the partners you have - and how to make better choices, how much sexual chemistry you and your partner really have, 10 types of relationships that won’t work, 6 essential qualities to look for in a mate, how to spot fatal flaws in a partner, why you may be falling in love for the wrong reason.


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The power of now

Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect. This is a book to be revisited again and again.



You can heal your life by Louise L Hay

You can heal your life

Full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. This practical self-help guide will change the way you think forever! You Can Heal Your Life, the definitive bestselling book on self-healing, has transformed the lives of millions of people. This is a book that people credit with profoundly altering their awareness of the impact that the mind has on our health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for books to help your children cope with Divorce or Separation see:
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One Space does not endorse any of these books. If you have found any other books useful then please do let us know.

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