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There are so many choices when it comes to child care. Our pages will help you know the questions to ask, where to look and what to expect.

  • Childcare: Ensuring Good Quality, Good Care, Good Value

    Childcare: Ensuring Good Quality, Good Care, Good Value

    Here are some guidelines about what childcare is available and where you can look for it. Get some pointers about how to ensure you get good quality, reliable care for your children  that you… Read more

  • Help with Childcare Costs

    Help with Childcare Costs

    Childminders are self-employed so there is no set national rate they have to charge. Usually a childminder will provide a contract for you to sign to pay them for an agreed number of hours. … Read more

  • Types of Childcare Available

    Types of Childcare Available

    There are many kinds of child care available. Which would best suit your family? Day Nurseries There are three different types of Nursery and they provide care for children aged up to 5yrs. Some… Read more

  • Can I Trust my Childcare?

    Can I Trust my Childcare?

    Trusting child carers with your child may be an issue for some parents especially if you have never used childcare before. For parents of communities where this is not the normal practice, it can… Read more

  • Work and Childcare

    Work and Childcare

    It is likely that when you start work you will need some form of childcare. What type will depends on the age and the needs of your children. Whether or not you are comfortable with… Read more

  • Why use a child minder?

    Why use a child minder?

    It hardly feels like you've become a parent, and now you have to go off to work! But it's not all bad news. If you decide that a child minder is the right carer… Read more

  • Choosing a Childcare setting

    Choosing a Childcare setting

    It’s always a good idea to visit several childcare providers before making a decision about who will be providing care for your child and equally important to prepare some questions for your visit.  Some… Read more

  • Where to look for Local Childcare

    Where to look for Local Childcare

    Your local Family Information Service (FIS) is the best place to find out about registered childcare in your area. There is a FIS in each local authority area and they are responsible for providing… Read more