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Help with Childcare Costs

Help with Childcare Costs

Childminders are self-employed so there is no set national rate they have to charge.

Usually a childminder will provide a contract for you to sign to pay them for an agreed number of hours.  The hourly rate may be lower compared with nurseries or nannies partly because a childminder may take on small number of children, so the cost is effectively spread between parents.
According to Family and Childcare Trust’s annual survey, the average 2015 cost in the UK for 25 hours of care with a childminder was £104 per week (for a child under 2yrs) though much depends on where you live and how many children your chosen childminder looks after.  You may also be asked to pay for meals on top and to pay the entrance to play centre’s visited etc.

Please see below for information regarding Tax Credits to help pay for childcare costs, Working Tax credits, Childcare Vouchers and free childcare entitlements. - How to get help with childcare costs - Childcare and Tax Credit information

Pacey (formerly known as National Childminding Association): 0300 003 0005

Working Tax Credit – Help with the costs of childcare

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