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Work & Training

The transition between full time parenting and part/full time work can be hard, especially if you have been out of the job market for a while. Your qualifications might be out of date or you might just be struggling to find the time to prepare job applications, write a CV and still be in charge of a couple of school age children.

This section provides some resources that might be useful if you are considering going back into work. We are also in the process of preparing some courses designed to help you build both your skills and your confidence. Take a look at the Learning section of the website where you will find online courses ranging form CV building to self-confidence practical help. 

  • Searching & Applying for Jobs: A Beginners Guide

    Searching & Applying for Jobs: A Beginners Guide

    Most jobs are advertised and recruited for in similar ways. Hunting for jobs is a lot easier once you understand the recruitment cycle. Nowadays, many employers are single-parent-friendly and can offer flexible working hours or job… Read more

  • Completing Job Applications: A Guide for Beginners

    Completing Job Applications: A Guide for Beginners

    Many people find completing job application forms daunting and it is hard to know exactly what employers are looking for. What you need to remember is that everyone has different skills and strengths that… Read more

  • Making Work Work for You

    Making Work Work for You

    As single parents we already work hard: we bring up our children and run the home, but when the Government talks about single parents going to work they mean ‘paid work’ outside the home.… Read more

  • Work Life Balance

    Work Life Balance

    Work Life Balance is about creating an effective balance between the amount of time spent at work and time spent away from work, crucial for parents raising children on their own. Guilt UK employees… Read more

  • Flexible Working

    Flexible Working

    Flexible working options are essential for people for whom full time employment is not suitable or possible.  This can be especially important for single parents if you are juggling raising a family alone whilst… Read more

  • Rights for Part-Time Workers

    Rights for Part-Time Workers

    As a part-time worker as you have the right to be treated the same as your full-time colleagues on all terms and conditions of employment. Your employment rights include: Pay You have the right to… Read more

  • Successful Interview Techniques

    Successful Interview Techniques

    You have found the job you want and applied, your job application must have made a good impact and you have now been asked to attend an interview. To create the right impression there are… Read more

  • Getting into Voluntary Work

    Getting into Voluntary Work

    Volunteering is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, make friends, learn and develop skills, have fun, gain work experience, build confidence, feel valued and get a job reference. Volunteering… Read more