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Day Trips on a Budget

Day Trips on a Budget

When your children grow up it will be the quality time you spent with them that they remember.


Sometimes the more creative you are, the bigger adventure it is for your children and the journey can be half the fun.

Go by bike; getting out on bike is fun, cheap and good exercise. In some areas there are cycle routes so you do not have to go on the road. If you don't have bikes, see if you can borrow one or buy a second hand bike. See if you have a local freecycle website - you maybe able to get one for free!

Go for a picnic in the park with friends, take bats and balls. Try going somewhere new, you could cycle, get the train or share a car.

Go somewhere new by train or bus; it is possible to get cheap tickets if you book in advance. You can also get a family rail card which will cut the price. If you check out prices on line you may save money. The MoneySavingExpert site has information about cheap travel.

Museums and galleries are often free; they are a great place to go on a rainy day and are also educational and fun!

The great outdoors: go for a walk. Some children may be reluctant but once they get out there they often enjoy it and its free! Find out about local beauty spots. For younger children make a game out of the walk, give them a list of things to find such a something yellow, something wooden, something plastic etc and give them a treat when they have found everything on the list. Go to your local council website for details of local walks. Being away from the commercial world takes you away from pester power and the temptation to spend money too.

Fly a kite in the park; if you can’t afford a new one buy a second hand on off e-bay, or try making one yourself as a craft project.

Walk a dog; Find out about your local dog’s home on the internet many of them need volunteers to take dogs for a walk, this is also a good way to get kids walking without the moaning. You might be able to earn some money as a dog-walker!

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More tips

  • Take your own food; buying snacks out is expensive.
  • Book train tickets in advance.
  • If you have car ask a friend and share the price of petrol.
  • If you don’t have a car, ask a friend who does and suggest sharing the petrol.
  • If there is an expensive attraction that you want to visit check the website and see if they have any cheap deals or go with a friend and share the cost of a family ticket. 
  • Check out the website for your local council and see what’s in the leisure and culture section, some things will be free! Look out for events in the parks in summer.
  • Be a tourist! Check out the website for the local tourist board and look for local for free events, if you are bored of your home town or city visit a neighbouring city.

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