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CVs for Beginners

The Mona Lisa with a CV

You need a CV, quick!  You may have been told to write a CV, or maybe there’s a chance of a job… but you need that CV!

This short course from is specially for single parents and people with little or no work experience who need to create a CV. It will tell you what a CV is and what makes the difference between a good CV and a bad one.

CVs for beginners provides a free CV-making template for you to use. You should be able to create a CV within a few hours.

Let’s get started

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    1 – What is a CV?

    CV stands for “Curriculum Vitae”, which means (roughly) “The account of life”. Your CV is the story of your life! Why the Latin? Because the very first CV is said to have been written… Read more

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    2 – What do I need?

    Access to word processing software and a computer, tablet or smartphone You will need some kind of word processor and access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. Libraries have computers available for public use… Read more

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    3 – Planning

    Getting it right - keep it simple Your CV is your chance for to ‘sell’ yourself to a potential employer. You need to communicate your skills and experience and emphasise your strong points. Presentation… Read more

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    4 – Creating a blank CV

    Now it's time to create a document that you will turn into your own CV. We've provided a template to save you some time. Feel free to customise it in your own way, but… Read more

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    5 – Contact details

    Contact details are your name, addresses and phone number. Different employers contact people in different ways so make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. If you give a mobile number… Read more

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    6 – The Personal Statement

    We hope you now have a CV with your contact details at the top. Now you’re going to write a personal statement. What is the personal statement and why is it so important? Your… Read more

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    7 – Evidence

    If you’ve followed the tasks so far, you should have a CV document with your personal details and a personal statement with a list of your personal qualities and skills. Now you need to… Read more

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    8 – Employment History

    Your employment history is a list of all the jobs you’ve done (most recent first), the name of your employers and the dates you were employed. Keep the description of the jobs very brief… Read more

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    9 – Education History

    The Education History is just a list of the qualification you have achieved, including GCSEs and any other training and courses. Add your qualifications to your CV starting with the most recent ones. Remember… Read more

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    10 – Hobbies & Interests

    This section of the CV is another chance to give evidence of your skills and personality. Do you have any hobbies that demonstrate the skills and qualities that the job requires? For example, if… Read more

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    11 – References

    If an employer decides to offer you an interview, they will need someone they can trust to write a “reference” to confirm that what you’ve said in the CV is true and that you… Read more

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    12 – Summary

    You’ve got a CV! If you’ve followed all the tasks, you’ve got yourself a CV! But there are a few more tasks to do to make it perfect… Read through the CV again, and… Read more