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3.1 – Session 3. How do our responsibilities change as our children grow

Welcome to confident parenting session 3. Next we will look at how our responsibilities change as our children grow up. For example, we need to provide three meals a day for a two year old, but do we need to put three meals a day on the table for a 17 year old?

In Session 1 we looked at our major parenting responsibilities, for example providing basic needs, self esteem and safety for our children. Before you carry out this next exercise, look at your Journal/Diary to remind yourself of these responsibilities before you carry out this next exercise.

Write in your Journal/Diary what you think are your three main responsibilities towards your children. Think about these as you do the exercises in this session.

Obviously our responsibilities change as our children get older. We naturally adapt to our children’s needs without thinking about it as they grow. If we take our responsibilities seriously and look after our children to the best of our ability and teach them well they will in turn grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults.

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