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2.9 – Choices scenarios

Now we will look at some possible scenarios that you could find yourself in, so you can think about how each situation can be handled using reasons and choices. Choose two of the scenarios below. On your worksheet write what you would do and what choices you would offer.

1. Busy Breakfast: Safia is a single mum with a 4 year old daughter, Meena, and a 2 year old son Hardiv. Safia is getting Meena and Hardiv ready for school and nursery and Meena is ‘playing-up’. She won’t put her clothes on and insists that she doesn’t want to wear the green trousers.
When she is forcefully dressed she is carried down stairs into the kitchen for breakfast. She doesn’t want cereal and is repeating ‘no’ very loudly. Hardiv is copying her. Safia is now very stressed. The children are late for school and nursery, she is late for work and the whole family starts the day badly. What can Safia do differently? Can she offer Meena any choices?
2. Teatime Tantrums: Curtis is a single dad to his son CJ who is 7. CJ doesn’t want to come in from playing out on his bike with his mate Kyle; Curtis wants him in at 5.30. Every day this week they have had an argument that starts on the doorstep and carries on inside for at least half an hour. What can Curtis do differently?  
3. Son and Daughter Differences: Angie is a single mum with a 12 year old daughter, Shanice, and a 10 year old son Luke. Angie tries to take both children out together at least once a fortnight as a treat and prefers it to be the whole family. Shanice wants to go to the cinema to see a film about weddings and Luke wants to go bowling. The kids have been bickering about the day out for two days and Angie is getting close to calling the whole thing off. What can Angie do to keep the whole family happy?  
4. Cultural Commitments: Mo is a single dad with an 18 year old son, Ahmed, and a 15 year old daughter, Suaad. Mo really wants both of his children to attend the mosque with him for prayers. Ahmed is playing football in a college tournament and Suaad is hoping that she can go to her friend’s birthday ice-skating trip. What can Mo do?  

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