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2.10 – Choices scenarios – feedback

Look at our following responses to the scenarios from the previous activity; did any of your answers include the following?

ScenarioWhat others said
1. Busy Breakfast Talk about the reasons we need to get ready and eat (school, nursery and work).
Talk about being on time.
Offer a choice of two outfits.
Offer a choice of cereal or toast.
2. Teatime Tantrums Talk about why he needs to come in at a certain time (tea, homework, bath, chilling time).
Offer an incentive (if you come in we can do what we need to do and then play a game).
Negotiate the choice to come in a slightly later time at the weekend, if he comes in on time during the week.
3. Son and Daughter Differences Talk about factors affecting the trip (time, money).
Explain that it’s important to be together as a family.
Offer the children alternate fortnights to choose the activity (cinema this time and bowling in 2 weeks).
Ask the children to respect each other's choices – maybe Angie can choose too!
4. Cultural Commitments Explain the reason for the prayers.
Listen to the needs of the children.
Offer the choice to pray at home or to attend the mosque together another time.

Great! Isn’t it easier to see how other people could do things differently? In the heat of the moment or when we are tired it can be difficult to think about how we can do things better!

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