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2.1 – Session 2. Children’s rights

First, let's look at this animation about the rights of children. What are our children entitled to as their right?

More children’s rights

To live without fear of violence: This is a basic need of your child, a major responsibility of us as parents and a right for all humans. If you are in or have been in a violent relationship your children may have been affected by this. If you are in a violent relationship then you may want to do the Domestic Violence course The Freedom Programme.

Knowing where your children are: It’s very important to consider young people’s safety. Have regular family meetings with contracts agreed around what time they need to be home. Try to be flexible as they get older.

To have their opinion listened to: When making plans as a family try to take children’s opinions into account. If you need to say ‘no’ to something, give your reasons why not and explain it to them.

To stay in contact with both parents: Your child does have a right to see both parents. This can be very hard if the break up was difficult. Try to be reasonable and to support your child to build a relationship with the other parent.

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