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1.8 – Parenting aims

Many parents say that they want their kids to listen to them more or behave better. This isn’t going to miraculously happen without us doing anything. Good parenting takes work; the more you put in the more you get out.

Let’s think about what we want out of our parenting and why, so that we can begin to think about how we are going to achieve it.

Look at the following list. We have suggested some possible outcomes that you may want from your parenting. Have a think about why you would want these, then write your thoughts on your worksheet. Remember there isn’t a right or wrong answer!

What do you want? 
1. Well behaved children.  
2. Children who are respectful of others.  
3. Children to know they’re loved.  
4. A peaceful life.  
5. More co-operation.  
6. I want the kids to get on with each other.  
7. I want a good relationship with my kids.  
8. Happy children.  

Being a parent, especially a lone/single parent, is demanding so having a spare moment to pause and think about what we want is probably rare. Well done for taking the time to complete this exercise.

On the next page we have provided some examples of what you may want from your parenting and some of the reasons why you would want these. Have a look. Do any match your list?

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