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1.7 – Parenting issues – feedback

Below we have provided some examples of parenting issues that you may have already thought about in the previous activity. These are issues that all parents can experience, although some of the issues below may have affected you more because you are a single parent.

TopicWhat others said
1. Behaviour Issues Having a tantrum when you go shopping for you to buy them something.
Children are always arguing .
Won’t do as they are told .
Siblings fighting over everything.
2. Children Achieving Getting into trouble at school.
Won’t get up for school so they are late .
Bunking off school.
They won’t do their homework.
3. Family rules or lack of them No clear rules for what is acceptable behaviour.
Giving in because they “keep on” until you do.
They storm out and you don’t know where they are.
They stay out late at night.
4. Shouting – Yours or theirs! They don’t listen unless you shout at them.
They scream and shout all day.
The house is always too noisy.
You feel really stressed out and angry.
5. Safety – Children’s reckless or dangerous behaviour They are hanging out with a gang of older children.
They are carrying a weapon.
They have an older boyfriend/girlfriend and you think they are sexually active.
They are using drugs/alcohol.

You have now looked at the parenting issues that concern parents the most! Well done.

Maybe your ex did more of the disciplining, or maybe you feel that your children or other friends/family members don’t respect your family status?

Maybe you are really worried about what people think? Or do you feel that there is more pressure on your children to behave and for you to ‘keep them in check’; especially at school.

These are all normal concerns for single parents. We will be looking at discipline techniques and how we can have happier households later in the course.

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