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1.6 – Parenting issues

Now that you have thought about parenting alone and the pleasures and pressures it brings we can look at some of the issues of parenting.

Below are some examples of the types of issues you may face. Read the descriptions then use your worksheet to answer.

Parenting concerns 
1. Behaviour issues: This is about any aspect of your children’s behaviour that may be a worry for you, for example the children always arguing.  
2. Children achieving: This could be in life in general or at school, for example not doing homework. .
3. Family rules (or lack of them): What happens as a result of not imposing rules? For example they stay out late at night.  
4. Shouting (yours or theirs!): How does this affect your family life? For example, does it make family members stressed and angry.  
5. Safety: Is there anything that concerns you about your children’s reckless or dangerous behaviour? For example hanging out with a gang of older children.  

On the next page we have provided some more examples of the issues that may concern you…

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