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1.13 – Confident parenting: Session 1 summary

Well done, you have now completed Session 1.

In this session you looked at how parenting alone may possibly be harder, but also very rewarding, then you looked at what may concern you most about parenting. Your concerns may be different from the examples we gave becauase each parent and their children are individual and unique.

You looked at what you want for your family and why you want it. Did you find your answers the same as the examples we gave or different? You also looked at how we learn to parent. Do you behave like your own parents did sometimes? You used your Journal to list examples of this. You identified your major responsibilities as parents to meet your children’s basic needs.

You used your Journal/Diary to make a list of how you are going to get what you want for your family. You may now want to take this opportunity to recap and have a look at your notes, the Journal can also be useful later in the course for solution building.

In the next session we will look at children’s and parents’ rights and how we need to offer children choices.

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