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1.12 – Responsibilities of parenting – feedback

Did you think of these?

Major Parenting ResponsibilityWhat others said
Basic Needs Provide food.
Provide water.
Provide shelter.
Provide medical care.
Provide clothes.
Safety Protect from physical, emotional or sexual abuse.
Keep household objects safe – knives, cleaning products and matches.
Introduce to safe people – babysitters, partners and youth leaders.
Keep the home safe – window locks, stair gates and smoke alarms.
Teach road safety – wear seat-belts and be aware of dangerous situations.
Self Esteem Treat children as individuals with unique characteristics.
Encourage education, hobbies and sports.
Keep clothes clean and teach personal hygiene.
Help children to recognise achievements and praise them.
Help children to meet targets – homework or sport.
Discipline – teach not punish!
Values Respect – language, feelings, opinions, individuality.
Discipline Fairness.
Spend time together.
Ask questions.
Education Support school and teachers.
Challenge school and teachers – where necessary!
Help with and check homework.
Praise commitment to school and homework.
Teach how to manage household chores, budgets and training/employment plans.

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