Hi I'm Rachel - single mummy to 2x under 3's!

My husband left March 2012 when our youngest was 11 weeks old  After giving him 'space' which led to no reconciliation i decided to move me and kids closer to my work (which i was due to return to from mat leave) and filed for divorce - which was final last November.

Very, very upsetting time and even now I get bad days :(

Worst thing for me atm is the loneliness.  When i moved house i tried local groups, church even but never felt part of the group.  My only real 'support' is my dad who's 15 miles away. 


Would really like to find friends - be it online or local to Staffordshire.

Posted on: July 22, 2013 - 9:35pm
Parenting specialist DoppleMe

Hi RachieB83, welcome to One Space, it's lovely to have you on board! Smile

It sounds as though you have had some hard times the last few years, not only having 2 small babies, but also coping with the end of your marriage. However it sounds as though you are very pragmatic and have got on with things, but occasionally you still have down days.

This is completely understandable, please give yourself a break on these down days, be kind to yourself, I am sure you are doing a great job, these things take time to heal.

Lonliness is something that most single parents face, however you can overcome this. You have been making the effort to join new groups, but I am wondering if you are still feeling quite broken, therefore your confidence is low.

Have a look at our article Making New Friends which has links to websites that offer groups for single parents and tips on how to start growing your network. 

Also here you have a whole bunch of people who are waiting to be your friends, so please join in a conversation anywhere. You might like to join in the Chit Chat where everyone leaves comments on their day.

Looking forward to getting to know you! Laughing

Posted on: July 23, 2013 - 8:55am


Hi Rachel

My lot are getting on a bit now with my youngest being 14.  I've been on this site for quite a while and the support and the company is brilliant.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Posted on: July 23, 2013 - 3:44pm