Hi all, I'm suze and i have recently managed to get rid of my alcoholic, abusive husband. The relief is incredible but it does get lonely, I have no family and my ex made sure I had no friends as you don't want them involved with his aggression.  I was looking for a group in Eastbourne (where i am) when i found onespace and i was touched by the support and the stories, i still haven't found a group so i think i will have to start one! Mine is a fairly typical story in that I was vunerable to falling for a charming but manipulative and abusive man as I was grieving the deaths of my entire family and felt lost without my close supportive family ties. Once my mum died everything seemed to fall apart.  I have rhuematoid arthritis, hypopituitism, raynaulds, etc and had lost my job due to this earlier so my networks were limited. My son is 14 and amazingly laid back, taking everything in his stride, I only wish I was half as chilled about things as he is! We moved to Eastbourne 4 years ago and my son has settled into school, made some great friends so at least he has a social life and support system. I have a lot of debts but they are getting the minimum so there is no hassle, I need to move as where I am is too expensive, too far away from bus networks, too big, so there are things to deal with but nothing that has to be dealt with immediately.  My main problems are loneliness and my health which is poor but the exhaustion is the worst as then I get down and feel I can't cope. I miss having someone to just talk over those silly little worries like do I take my son to docs again for his hayfever, do I phone landlord again about the guttering, it seems to be the silly things I worry over and my head gets crazy with all the internal conversations in there!  Any way I thought I would say hi and thank you for all the great infomation on here as I am sure a lot of it will be useful in the coming weeks, for now I am trying to relax and enjoy not being critised for everything.



Posted on: June 18, 2014 - 9:06am
Parenting specialist DoppleMe

Hey suze and welcome to One Space Smile

Huge pat on the back to you for managing to extricate yourself from an abusive marriage. Laughing

Wow you have been through an awful lot, but it sounds as though you are still striving for a better life and won't let life hold you back!

Missing the day to day chatter/support/sounding board is normal at the end of a relationship, that's what we are here for!

You can tell or ask us whether you should ring the doctors or the landlord, we love giving our opinions!


Posted on: June 18, 2014 - 4:36pm