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Top 10 Tips for Parenting Alone

Top 10 Tips for Parenting Alone

Parenting alone is one of the most difficult jobs there is, not only practically but emotionally, financially, mentally and physically too! Here are some tips from other single parents to guide you.

  1. You are a one parent family, don’t try to be two parents.
  2. Don’t force your child into playing the role of departed parent.
  3. Don’t try to be big brother/sister, or a friend, just be the parent you are.
  4. Don’t put your ex partner down in front of your child.
  5. Be honest with your child.
  6. Don’t quiz your children to find out what your ex partner is doing.
  7. Share your romantic life and social interests with your children.
  8. Help your child to create and keep good memories with their other parent.
  9. Try and sort out a workable situation with your ex-partner regarding visits and sleepovers.
  10. Try to keep the areas of your child’s life that offer safety and security in place.

You are not alone.

Share your triumphs and tragedies with other single parents.

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